About Nadia

Having had two planned home births and a hospital birth myself and breastfed for a total of seven years, I understand firsthand the physical and emotional challenges that come with pregnancy and motherhood. In addition to my doula work, I am also experienced in perinatal yoga, which allows me to provide holistic support to my clients. Through my care, I empower women to trust their bodies and intuition, while providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for a positive birth experience. The dedication to my work is rooted in my belief that every woman deserves compassionate, non-judgmental support during one of the most transformative experiences of their lives.

Qualifications and Education

Paramana Doula Course by Dr Michel Odent (2016)
Well Woman Yoga Course by Françoise Freedman (2016)
Pelvic Floor Health Course (2019)
Women’s Health Wellness Therapy Program (2022)
Wise Woman Way of Birth Postpartum Training (2022)
Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Training (2022)