Carissa Reed

I was born for birth work, although it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I uncovered the deep calling that connected me to this path.

After pursuing an education first in Social Work, and then Women’s Studies – I finally became clear on my true career direction when I recognized the transformative power birth has on us as individuals, as families, and as communities. Birth is our shared experience as human beings. Our entrance to the world shapes the people we become.

I believe empowerment and intention are our two greatest tools for a successful and healthy birth. As a doula trained by both Wise Woman Way of Birth locally, and internationally through The Matrona, I support diverse families of all backgrounds mentally, physically and emotionally. I do this by providing information and education throughout the pregnancy, with hands on comfort measures during labour and delivery, showing up and supporting in the postpartum period, and by holding space and creating an energetic container for the birthing family to feel safely held during their entire birth experience.

To me, empowerment comes from being educated and aware of all options and choices available to you, as well as recognizing your ability to say an enthusiastic yes, or an equally firm no, about any of them. Pregnancy can be such a magical time filled with new sensations, experiences, and awareness – and at the same time can feel overwhelming with the many changes taking place physically and emotionally. My role is to offer education, support, and my unwavering belief in your ability to grow, nourish, love and birth your baby, and to advocate for you to do it in whatever way feels most aligned and true to you. With the right education, you are empowered to set an intention for your birth experience, and can trust you have the support to make it a reality.