Community Gatherings

Jill, Judy, and Dori host community gatherings on the first and third Monday of each month in East Van from 7-8:30pm. This is a great opportunity to meet other families in your community that also have Jill, Judy, and Dori as their doulas. Each gathering will be led by one of your doulas. There will have a topic that will be discussed initially, and then there will be an opportunity to ask general questions and pick the brain of one of your doulas.

The earlier in pregnancy that you hire us, the more opportunities you will have to attend these prenatal gatherings!

Sept. 19 – Judy – adjusting to life with a baby
Oct. 3 – Jill – infant safety
Oct. 17 – Judy – Ask anything/variable topic
Nov.7 – Judy  – the pregnant and postpartum body
Nov.21 – Jill – climbing labour mountain (stages of labour)
Dec.5 – Dori – navigating the unexpected / informed consent
Dec.19  – Dori – comfort measures/ pain coping strategies
Jan.2 – Jill – newborn care
Jan.16 – Dori – newborn feeding