Jill and Judy


For clients with due dates from January 10, 2025 and beyond, Jill is partnered with Suzi Livingstone from Voyage Birth. They will share call and clients.

Jill supports clients choosing to birth with any type of care provider at Lions Gate, Burnaby,
and BC Womens hospitals, as well as at home.
People birth best when they feel they are in a safe and supportive environment.
Jill offers information and support to families in all birthing situations, whether it is a
scheduled c-section, induction, medicated birth, or without intervention.
It is her goal that you will feel heard and respected by your chosen care team in all circumstances and situations.

When you hire Jill as your doula, you will receive the following services:

• A free initial interview with no obligation (done virtually)

• 3-4 In-home prenatal visits throughout your pregnancy
to get to know you well and offer prenatal and infant care education, plan for baby gear and a safe home for your little one,
assist in car seat installation, discuss newborn feeding plans, prepare for life with a newborn,
and any other prenatal support topics you wish to discuss

• Unlimited phone/email support

• Use of an Elle TENS machine

• On call 24/7 (or able to supply reliable, experienced back-up)
from the point of hiring until the birth of your baby

• 2 postpartum visits in your home as desired in the first two weeks
to talk about the birth, ask questions about newborn care, parenting,
emotions, or receive assistance with feeding

• A later postpartum visit to talk about starting solid food, baby proofing, and moving up to the next level car seat

• An in-home infant CPR and choking lesson
for you and family members, friends,
or care givers (up to 10 people) taught by Jill
through Safe Beginnings First Aid

• Use of a birth pool and accessories
(including set-up and take down!)
if desired and the situation is appropriate

All but one prenatal visit can be swapped out for 12 hours of postpartum support instead, if preferred.

The fee for all of these services with Jill and Suzi is
$2700.00 + GST

Flexible payment plans are available upon request.
Reduced fees and packages are available for repeat clients
(clients who have had Jill, Suzi, Judy, Dori, Melissa, Marlo, or Paula as their doula for previous pregnancies).