Mentored Doulas

Jill is currently mentoring Nadia Chaplygina .

Jill mentors newer (but fully trained) doulas as they begin their careers. When you hire a mentored doula for your care, both you and your doula also have Jill as a resource throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Jill follows her mentored doulas closely to ensure they are providing excellent care to their clients.

When you hire a mentored doula, you will receive the following services:

• A free initial interview with no obligation (done virtually)

• 2 prenatal visits (in-person)

• Unlimited phone/email support

• Access to an extensive lending library

• Use of an Elle TENS machine

• On call 24/7 (or able to supply reliable, experienced back-up)
from the point of hiring until the birth of your baby

• 1-2 postpartum visits in your home as desired
to talk about the birth, ask questions about newborn care, parenting,
and emotions, or receive assistance with feeding

• Participation in an infant/child CPR workshop through Safe Beginnings First Aid alongside other mentored doula clients

The fee for all of these services with a mentored doula as your primary doula:
$950.00 + GST

Add the Prepared Parents Package to this package from $795+GST

Flexible payment plans are available upon request and sliding scale may be available depending on the doula’s current caseload.